No? I’m not surprised. Please allow me to introduce you.

Guy Nottadadi is the star of‘s Guy’s Guide to Birth Control. This series of short videos frankly addresses the fact that guys aren’t expected to know much about birth control, and sets out to turn that expectation on its head. is a birth control support network for women ages 18–29, run by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, which launched a major marketing campaign with The Ad Council in November 2011. The fact that they have spent significant time and resources to teach guys about birth control makes me so happy! This is hands-down the most entertaining Ad Council campaign I have ever seen, and it’s worlds away from other recent efforts which rely on scare-tactics and shaming (like the pregnant boys ads in Chicago and the “real cost of teen pregnancy” ads in New York). Bedsider is a very sex-positive campaign, but I still wish actual ads (not just the resources on the website) went beyond their focus on unplanned pregnancy prevention to discuss healthy, safe sex in general. The videos do a great job of working in the importance of open communication, and the overall positive, fun, matter-of-fact tone would translate perfectly to an expanded campaign. I know, I’m dreaming!

Can you believe that most of the videos posted on YouTube for this series have less than 10,000 views? It’s sad to think that I would never have found the Guy’s Guide if I weren’t looking (though to be fair, I’m not the target audience). This campaign is just too well-done and amazing to be hidden away! If I ran the world, the Guy’s Guide videos would be popping up as ads everywhere. If anyone has seen them on other websites or out in the world, please let me know. I saw a couple of Bedsider print ads near the University of Pennsylvania campus a while ago, but that’s all I’ve seen of this campaign offline.

For your binge-watching pleasure:

If you like these, you should check out some of the other great videos on, like this one:

Lastly, here are a couple of’s newest TV ads (featured in this recent post by Osocio). They really embrace the awkward:

Have you seen any other great campaigns designed specifically for male audiences? I would love to hear about them! Drop me a line.

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